About Sophie

Hey there!  

I am here to make your memories special!  Whether you’re a bride, new mother, senior, or family looking for portraits, I am here to present you with photos that will remind you of your special day, child, or family.

Now, let’s get down to a personal level…

I’m Sophie!

I was born in California, trekked across numerous states with my adventuresome family and after getting married to my bestie, moved to Kansas for a couple years and then finally settled in NW Arkansas.

My bestie I mentioned…he’s my adventure buddy, makes me laugh, puts up with my craziness and is the best husband there is.  We have 4 little people under the age of 5 who we simply adore, including twins which, to say the least, very much shocked us when we found out I was pregnant with them! My days are quite busy and I am usually running around, chasing a naked child or wrestling to put a diaper on a twin. But my heart is full and that’s what counts! Our children have become so used to momma pulling out her camera so are definitely not camera shy at all. ;)

If you asked my hubby and family, they would probably tell you that I am a country sorta girl who loves to go barefoot in the grass…and the bottoms of me feet will gladly give you proof.

Some other random facts about me…

I grew up in a very large family and there are more than 3 dozen siblings, in-laws, grandchildren, etc…Holidays are kinda crazy. ;)

The beach is my happy place and I’d love to live there someday.

I’m a Californian at heart and that’s where I’m from, deep inside.

Give me a fun coffee shop and plants and I’m quite content.

I’m kind of a health freak but also chocolate is delish.

But above all,  I am a child of the Most High.  I am placed on this earth in this journey – to give all the glory to God for the many gifts He gives…and my wish is that I can bless you with beautiful photos that will allow you to look back at…

and smile on.