The Buscemi Family – Tulsa, OK Portrait Photographer

:: The Buscemi Family ::

So fun watching these friends of mine as they embark on the new adventures of life!
Dating, engaged, wedded, pregnant, and now raising a little girl!  Special times.

BuscemiFamily-2017-6 BuscemiFamily-2017-2 BuscemiFamily-2017-4 BuscemiFamily-2017-5 BuscemiFamily-2017-9 BuscemiFamily-2017-10 BuscemiFamily-2017-11 BuscemiFamily-2017-12 BuscemiFamily-2017-13 BuscemiFamily-2017-14 BuscemiFamily-2017-15

BuscemiFamily-2017-16 BuscemiFamily-2017-17 BuscemiFamily-2017-18 BuscemiFamily-2017-19 BuscemiFamily-2017-20 BuscemiFamily-2017-21

BuscemiFamily-2017-22BuscemiFamily-2017-23 BuscemiFamily-2017-24 BuscemiFamily-2017-25


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