Caleb & Abbey :: Turkey, TX Wedding Photographer

“What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.”

:: Mark 10:9 ::


Marriage.  A beautiful thing.  The commitment under God…towards one in another.  For the rest of life on earth.

Caleb and Abbey, here’s to your happily ever after!  May you seek God in everything and see Him in each other.

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Shoutout to my assistant photographer (who happens to be my boyfriend ;) for capturing this shot! {above}

caleb&abbey-10 caleb&abbey-11 caleb&abbey-12 caleb&abbey-13 caleb&abbey-15 caleb&abbey-18 caleb&abbey-17 caleb&abbey-16 caleb&abbey-19 caleb&abbey-20 caleb&abbey-21 caleb&abbey-22 caleb&abbey-23 caleb&abbey-24 caleb&abbey-25

caleb&abbey-26 caleb&abbey-27 caleb&abbey-28 caleb&abbey-29 caleb&abbey-30 caleb&abbey-31 caleb&abbey-32 caleb&abbey-33 caleb&abbey-34 caleb&abbey-35 caleb&abbey-36 caleb&abbey-37

caleb&abbey-38 caleb&abbey-39 caleb&abbey-40 caleb&abbey-41 caleb&abbey-42 caleb&abbey-43 caleb&abbey-44 caleb&abbey-45 caleb&abbey-46 caleb&abbey-54

Two other favorite captures by Josh. {above and below}

caleb&abbey-55 caleb&abbey-56

caleb&abbey-57 caleb&abbey-58 caleb&abbey-59 caleb&abbey-60 caleb&abbey-62 caleb&abbey-63 caleb&abbey-64 caleb&abbey-69 caleb&abbey-70 caleb&abbey-73 caleb&abbey-71

caleb&abbey-76 caleb&abbey-77

caleb&abbey-75 caleb&abbey-72caleb&abbey-78 caleb&abbey-79 caleb&abbey-80 caleb&abbey-81 caleb&abbey-82 caleb&abbey-83 caleb&abbey-84 caleb&abbey-85 caleb&abbey-86 caleb&abbey-87 caleb&abbey-88 caleb&abbey-90

caleb&abbey-92 caleb&abbey-93 caleb&abbey-91 caleb&abbey-94 caleb&abbey-95signature

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