Hawksbill Crag – Rogers, AR Lifestyle Photographer

“Keep exploring, you will discover new paths.”

– Lailah Gifty Akita –

We traveled up, up, up.

We rounded the corners and swooped through the ditches.

We discovered new views and felt a little smaller…smaller in a good way.

We smiled and laughed and giggled.

It was a good day.


hawksbillcrag-1 hawksbillcrag-2 hawksbillcrag-3 hawksbillcrag-4 hawksbillcrag-5 hawksbillcrag-6 hawksbillcrag-7

hawksbillcrag-9 hawksbillcrag-10 hawksbillcrag-11 hawksbillcrag-12 hawksbillcrag-13 hawksbillcrag-14 hawksbillcrag-15 hawksbillcrag-16


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