Honeymoon in Maine – Bar Harbor, ME Lifestyle Photographer

Well, I finally got around to rummaging through our honeymoon pictures…sigh. It brought back so many wonderful memories of spending the first week with my husband!


We traveled across the states to Maine.  Gorgeous.  Perfect.  Best location for a honeymoon.  The weather…so amazing!


We hiked through the foggy and damp woods of the Acadia National Forrest.  We ate lobster and shrimp on a pier in the dark.  We stopped at several cute little coffee shops in the midst of downtown Bar Harbor.  We sailed at sunset..literally INTO the sunset.  We rode miles into the ocean to spot dolphins, whales, and even a shark.  We met new friends from Long Island and Germany.  We barely waded through the frigid water and breathed in the salty sea air.  We talked and laughed and wondered at all the things God’s created.


It was good.  It was perfect.  It will always stay special in my memories.


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