|| little girl || – Bentonville, AR Portrait Photographer

|| smiles, I believe, give way to who we are.  they show a little more of us…they give a glimpse into our souls.  they reveal where our joy comes from. ||

I love little people.  I think it’s their innocents I love so much.  Their way of going through life, day by day, just being able to giggle and smile and shine…  Simple and happy.  Full of energy but peaceful at the same time.  Oh, to be a child again!


Natasha-1 Natasha-6 Natasha-8 Natasha-11 Natasha-13 Natasha-15 Natasha-22 Natasha-25 Natasha-27 Natasha-32 Natasha-33 Natasha-37 Natasha-40

Natasha-43 Natasha-49 Natasha-51 Natasha-57 Natasha-64 Natasha-67 Natasha-69 Natasha-73 Natasha-76 Natasha-80 Natasha-85 Natasha-91 Natasha-95

Natasha-98 Natasha-100 Natasha-101 Natasha-107 Natasha-109 Natasha-111 Natasha-117 Natasha-121 Natasha-124 Natasha-128 Natasha-130 Natasha-131 Natasha-137 Natasha-139 Natasha-142 Natasha-143 Natasha-150

Natasha-154 Natasha-157 Natasha-173 Natasha-181 Natasha-185 Natasha-191 Natasha-195 Natasha-199 Natasha-205 Natasha-201 Natasha-216 Natasha-218 Natasha-164 Natasha-170

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Bentonville Square – Arkansas

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