Merikka – Rogers, AR Portrait Photographer

“My heart has wings, hmm

And I can fly

I’ll touch every star in the sky…”



Merikka…rather, “Rikka”, as we all call her. :) She loves owls and yellow.  She has raven black hair and she has the cutest giggle.  Rikka, it is a true privilege to work with you and call you my friend. :)

rikki-2 rikki-5 rikki-4 rikki-6 rikki-9 rikki-10 rikki-12 rikki-13 rikki-14 rikki-15 rikki-16 rikki-18 rikki-20 rikki-21 rikki-22

rikki-23 rikki-24 rikki-26 rikki-27 rikki-28 rikki-29 rikki-30 rikki-32 rikki-33 rikki-34 rikki-35 rikki-36 rikki-37 rikki-38 rikki-39 rikki-40 rikki-41 rikki-42 rikki-43 rikki-44 rikki-45 rikki-46 rikki-47 rikki-48 rikki-49 rikki-50 rikki-51 rikki-52 rikki-53

rikki-54 rikki-55 rikki-56 rikki-57 rikki-58 rikki-59 rikki-60 rikki-61 rikki-62 rikki-63 rikki-64 rikki-65 rikki-66 rikki-67 rikki-68

rikki-69 rikki-70 rikki-72 rikki-71 rikki-73

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