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::that ye love one another, as I have loved you:: John 15:15


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A few weeks ago, I was able to work as a counselor at a camp for girls.

I laughed during the days… and shed a few tears in my pillow as the moon shone right outside our sleepy little covered wagon that we called home for those 5 days…it was fun, the camp, but I was challenged and really challenged..

So many girls hurting; so many fragile beings, tough on the outside, but as soft as clay in their deepest parts.

They were all here for one, simple reason: to just live another week, at a camp, having fun.  I, also, was there for one reason: to give.  To completely forget MY wishes, MY reasoning, MY life – to be there for these girls.  To love.

Four letters: L O V E .  But not to just flippantly throw out love…to love unconditionally.  Even when you hear a sharp word or see a jabbing look, to be able to smile and say a kind word.  It’s hard, but it gave me a glimpse of what our Father was thinking when He sent His Son.  How hard it must be for Our Father to give us a second chance…salvation, even when we shake our fists at Him and spit on His face.  But that’s where the Holy Three-In-One and we differ.  Nothing stops God from loving us, even while we were yet sinners.

 As I write this, I am even more grateful for my week at camp, and the girls I was able to try and show love to…

These faces you see need love.

Pray for them if you think of it.

They are bundles of energy, ready to laugh with their sparkly white eyes – will we be the first to smile and shine when our paths cross, showing the light of Christ?

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Sagrada2014-96 Sagrada2014-97 Sagrada2014-98 Sagrada2014-113 Sagrada2014-112 Sagrada2014-114 Sagrada2014-115 Sagrada2014-99 Sagrada2014-100 Sagrada2014-101

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Thank you for coming on this little journey of life and love with me.

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