4th of July – Rogers, AR Lifestyle Photographer

“oh, say can you see?”


Captures of our 4th of July with family.

Poppers, fireworks, wide-eyed little people…

Red, white, and blue, flip-flops and squeals of pure delight.

This is the way we roll.  This is the way we live.

4thofJuly2015-2 4thofJuly2015-3 4thofJuly2015-4 4thofJuly2015-5 4thofJuly2015-6 4thofJuly2015-7 4thofJuly2015-8 4thofJuly2015-9 4thofJuly2015-10 4thofJuly2015-11 4thofJuly2015-12

4thofJuly2015-13 4thjuly 4thofJuly2015-19 4thofJuly2015-22 4thofJuly2015-23 4thofJuly2015-24 4thofJuly2015-25 4thofJuly2015-26 4thofJuly2015-27 4thofJuly2015-28 4thofJuly2015-29 4thofJuly2015-30 4thofJuly2015-31 4thofJuly2015-32

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