Sagrada – War Eagle Camp Lifestyle Photographer

“Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world.  Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world.”

Camp life.  Sweat and mud.  Bruises and scrapes.  Tennis shoes, barefoot, flip-flops.  Learning more about life…both them and me.  Serving at this camp was challenging.  But as you can tell, the smiles and grins, all the personalities of these kids, lightened the load and reminded me of the importance of simply loving and laughing with them all.

So, here are some smiles.  Here is some life.


Sagrada2015-2 Sagrada2015-3 Sagrada2015-4 Sagrada2015-5 Sagrada2015-6 Sagrada2015-7 Sagrada2015-8 Sagrada2015-9 Sagrada2015-10 Sagrada2015-11 Sagrada2015-12 Sagrada2015-13

Sagrada2015-14 Sagrada2015-15 Sagrada2015-16 Sagrada2015-17 Sagrada2015-18 Sagrada2015-19 Sagrada2015-20 Sagrada2015-21 Sagrada2015-22 Sagrada2015-23 Sagrada2015-24 Sagrada2015-25 Sagrada2015-26 Sagrada2015-27 Sagrada2015-28

Sagrada2015-29 Sagrada2015-30 Sagrada2015-31 Sagrada2015-32 Sagrada2015-33 Sagrada2015-34 Sagrada2015-35 Sagrada2015-59 Sagrada2015-60 Sagrada2015-61 Sagrada2015-62 Sagrada2015-63 Sagrada2015-64

Sagrada2015-65 Sagrada2015-66 Sagrada2015-67 Sagrada2015-68 Sagrada2015-69 Sagrada2015-70


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3 thoughts on “Sagrada – War Eagle Camp Lifestyle Photographer

  1. Sophie,
    These are truly beautiful. I love the looks on the campers’ faces. I am so smiling, just looking at these.
    Was great to meet you briefly at camp this year. Hope to have the opportunity to get better acquainted another time. :)

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