Beauty and the Beast – Costume Photoshoot – Kansas City, KS Photographer

“I want adventure in the great-wide somewhere, I wanted more than I can tell!” – Belle

Beauty and the Beast…my absolute favorite Disney movie as a child, and still my favorite Disney. :) There’s something magical about the story, the music…the MUSIC!  (heart eyes) Anyways… my sister somehow managed to pull off re-creating the recent real-life Beauty and the Beast movie’s “Belle Dress”, with all it’s gold stitching, elegant layers of silk, and intricate designs.

Bravo, sis!

We had so much fun {trying to escape the rainstorms that seemed to follow our every move} with this photoshoot!  Be sure to check out Bella Mae’s Designs on Etsy, and like her FB and IG pages.  Some incredible talent!


Belle-1 Belle-2 Belle-3 Belle-4 Belle-6 Belle-5 Belle-7 Belle-8 Belle-9 Belle-10 Belle-11

Belle-12 Belle-13 Belle-14 Belle-15 Belle-16 Belle-17 Belle-18 Belle-19 Belle-21 Belle-22 Belle-23 Belle-24

Belle-25 Belle-26 Belle-27 Belle-28 Belle-29 Belle-30 Belle-31 Belle-32 Belle-33


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