Jevenn & Emily’s Wedding – Alberta, Canada Wedding Photographer

:: Grow old along with me; the best is yet to be. ::

 Robert Browning


A mounty and his bride.

Was so very fun flying to Canada be able to capture snapshots of Jevenn and Emily’s special day!

Everything from the crisp, red colors of his uniform and the flowers, to the spiffy borrowed getaway car; from the giddiness of the bride as she got ready, to the couple leading worship before they took off into the night on their very own adventure called marriage…it was perfect.  Many blessings to you both and so very happy for you!

Jevenn&Emily-1 Jevenn&Emily-2 Jevenn&Emily-3 Jevenn&Emily-4 Jevenn&Emily-9Jevenn&Emily-10 Jevenn&Emily-11 Jevenn&Emily-5 Jevenn&Emily-8 Jevenn&Emily-7 Jevenn&Emily-6

Jevenn&Emily-15 Jevenn&Emily-16 Jevenn&Emily-12 Jevenn&Emily-13 Jevenn&Emily-14 Jevenn&Emily-17 Jevenn&Emily-18 Jevenn&Emily-19 Jevenn&Emily-20 Jevenn&Emily-21 Jevenn&Emily-22

Jevenn&Emily-23 Jevenn&Emily-24 Jevenn&Emily-25 Jevenn&Emily-26 Jevenn&Emily-27 Jevenn&Emily-28

Jevenn&Emily-33 Jevenn&Emily-34 Jevenn&Emily-35 Untitled-2 Untitled-1

Jevenn&Emily-40 Jevenn&Emily-41 Jevenn&Emily-42 Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Jevenn&Emily-56 Jevenn&Emily-55 Jevenn&Emily-53 Jevenn&Emily-54

Jevenn&Emily-32 Jevenn&Emily-31 Jevenn&Emily-47 Jevenn&Emily-48 Jevenn&Emily-49 Jevenn&Emily-50 Jevenn&Emily-51 Jevenn&Emily-52 Jevenn&Emily-57 Jevenn&Emily-58 Jevenn&Emily-60

Jevenn&Emily-62 Jevenn&Emily-61 Jevenn&Emily-63 Jevenn&Emily-64 Jevenn&Emily-65 Jevenn&Emily-67 Jevenn&Emily-66 Jevenn&Emily-68 Jevenn&Emily-69 Jevenn&Emily-29 Jevenn&Emily-30

Congratulations you two!


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