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:: she walks in starlight in another world… :: the hobbit


|| erin – pt. 1  ||

yes, we did a Hobbit themed photo shoot…through woods and cold water…with bow and arrow…lace and golden goblets.  so much fun.  Erin, you should have been a hobbit. :)

so join me on an adventure as we travel through Rivendell, beyond to the Misty Mountains, in search of the Arkenstone…bounding with hobbits and fighting the dragon.  let’s go, then.

Erinhobbit-1 Erinhobbit-2 Erinhobbit-3 Erinhobbit-5 Erinhobbit-4 Erinhobbit-6 Erinhobbit-7 Erinhobbit-8 Erinhobbit-9 Erinhobbit-10 Erinhobbit-11

Erinhobbit-12 Erinhobbit-13 Erinhobbit-14 Erinhobbit-16 Erinhobbit-17 Erinhobbit-18 Erinhobbit-19 Erinhobbit-20 Erinhobbit-21 Erinhobbit-22 Erinhobbit-23

Erinhobbit-24 Erinhobbit-25 Erinhobbit-26 Erinhobbit-27 Erinhobbit-28 Erinhobbit-29 Erinhobbit-30 Erinhobbit-31 Erinhobbit-32 Erinhobbit-33 Erinhobbit-35 Erinhobbit-36

(psst, yes, that was a bird who decided to take flight the moment I clicked the shutter.  puuuuurfect.)

Erinhobbit-37 Erinhobbit-38 Erinhobbit-39 Erinhobbit-40 Erinhobbit-41

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