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“there are only two ways to live your life. one is as though nothing is a miracle. the other is as though everything is a miracle.” albert einstein


I love new.  Maybe it’s because God has made me new…I’m not sure, but I just love N.E.W.  This is why I love babies.  A brand new human.  A brand new being.  A brand new life.  NEW.  God has blessed me with the lives of all my siblings…all my nephews and nieces.  This is Beatrice, “Bea”.  She’s a new one, this tiny girl.  And I already love you, my little niece.

Beatrice-1 Beatrice-2 Beatrice-3 Beatrice-5 Beatrice-4 Beatrice-6 Beatrice-7 Beatrice-8 Beatrice-9Beatrice-11 Beatrice-12 Beatrice-13 Beatrice-14 Beatrice-15


Beatrice-17 Beatrice-18 Beatrice-19 Beatrice-20 Beatrice-21 Beatrice-22 Beatrice-23 Beatrice-10

Beatrice-24 Beatrice-25 Beatrice-26 Beatrice-27 Beatrice-28


Beatrice-30 Beatrice-31 Beatrice-32 Beatrice-33 Beatrice-34 Beatrice-35 Beatrice-36 Beatrice-37

Beatrice-38 Beatrice-39 Beatrice-40 Beatrice-41 Beatrice-42 Beatrice-43

Beatrice-44 Beatrice-45 Beatrice-46 Beatrice-47 Beatrice-48


Beatrice-50 Beatrice-51 Beatrice-52

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2 thoughts on “:: Bea :: War Eagle, AR – Newborn Portrait Photographer

  1. As usual, you’ve done an amazing job- not just with the photography and art work, but with capturing the joy and awesomeness of a newborn baby! Thank you for so beautifully freezing in time the birth of our little treasure, Baby Bea. You are a incredible aunt!

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