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“There’s enchantment in a smile, did you know?

Shall I prove in a wink that it is so?

Watch my mouth grin wide and see,

How quick your lips smile back at me!” :: Richelle Goodrich



the attitude of a person changes the way you view them…the way you perceive them.  an attitude of happiness kinda rubs off on you.  Kayton, for example, is a bubbly, joyful, funny, and charming person.  she knows how laugh.  and her eyes know how to laugh.  she is joyful…{like}all of the time.  since I’ve met her, she has never shown a frown or a tear.  she lifts every spirit in the room!!!  when I’m around her, I think I laugh a little more and smile a little bigger. :)  Kayton, it’s been a true delight to know and work with you…and I miss you! :)

Kayton-1 Kayton-2 Kayton-3 Kayton-5 Kayton-6 Kayton-7 Kayton-8 Kayton-9 Kayton-10

Kayton-11 Kayton-12 Kayton-13 Kayton-15 Kayton-14 Kayton-16 Kayton-18 Kayton-19 Kayton-20 Kayton-21 Kayton-22

Kayton-23 Kayton-24 Kayton-25 Kayton-26 Kayton-27 Kayton-28 Kayton-29 Kayton-30 Kayton-31 Kayton-32 Kayton-33 Kayton-34 Kayton-35

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