:: Zach-Senior :: Rogers, AR Senior Photographer

“A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh often, and realize how blessed you are.” – some wise someone :)


this is Zach.  I work with Zach, and let me just say…when Zach comes into work, EVERYBODY knows it. :)  You can’t miss the thousand offers of greetings he gives[rather, shouts] or his super big smile he’s always wearing.  Zach, you’re a character and it’s been fun knowing and working with you!  Congratulations on finishing HS!  Now go change the world! :)

psssst…isn’t his style just “totally awesome” and “hip” with a swirl of retro-ness?  and I didn’t have the slightest influence over his choice of outfits and style for the shoot… :)

Zach-3 Zach-2 Zach-1 Zach-4 Zach-5 Zach-6 Zach-7 Zach-8 Zach-9 Zach-10 Zach-11

Zach-12 Zach-13 Zach-14 Zach-15 Zach-16 Zach-17 Zach-18 Zach-19 Zach-21 Zach-20 Zach-22

Zach-23 Zach-24 Zach-26 Zach-25 Zach-27 Zach-28 Zach-29 Zach-30 Zach-31 Zach-32 Zach-33 Zach-34

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