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:: a charming day::

The lovely girls are my dear friends.  They were some superb models, as they showed off some pretty cool vintage wedding dresses for a shop I work for.  Included, a very Anne-of-Green-Gables looking dress, and even a hippy-ish one that I wish I had a Groovy, “PEACE” bug to prop with… ;)   We had such a fun time, tromping through the woods, transportation provided by our handy-dandy truck…all piled up in the back, we were, as we rumbled through the field.  Thank you, Long girls, for your time and your beautiful smiles!

Oh and stay tuned for part two…we have some pretty funny looking black evening dresses…fur and all!

LongGirls-33 LongGirls-29

LongGirls-27 LongGirls-23 LongGirls-19 LongGirls-17 LongGirls-14 LongGirls-9 LongGirls-42 LongGirls-39

LongGirls-45 LongGirls-47 LongGirls-59 LongGirls-51 LongGirls-62 LongGirls-63 LongGirls-65 LongGirls-69 LongGirls-72 LongGirls-73 LongGirls-79 LongGirls-86 LongGirls-91

LongGirls-93 LongGirls-100 LongGirls-103 LongGirls-106 LongGirls-109 LongGirls-111 LongGirls-113 LongGirls-116 LongGirls-117 LongGirls-119 LongGirls-121 LongGirls-125 LongGirls-127 LongGirls-129 LongGirls-134 LongGirls-137

LongGirls-145 LongGirls-143 LongGirls-154 LongGirls-149 LongGirls-157 LongGirls-160 LongGirls-164 LongGirls-168 LongGirls-161 LongGirls-169 LongGirls-172 LongGirls-174 LongGirls-175 LongGirls-179 LongGirls-181 LongGirls-185

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