|| vintage-pt. two || Rogers, AR Portrait Photographer

|| a charming day || pt. two

…and so after “white” dress photos were finished, they dressed in black with colorful beads, shiny shawls and tacky glasses, and we headed to downtown Rogers.  Hello, people! don’t falling down brick walls, an abandoned bus, and a blue rimmed garage door just have “PERFECT” written all over them?!  Love it! :)  So we did a little adventuring, and ta-da!  As we were shooting, we decided these looked like “band” pictures… and we even tried to break into the bus, but shhhhh! don’t tell anyone. ;)


LongGirls-231 LongGirls-234 LongGirls-237 LongGirls-251 LongGirls-253 LongGirls-256 LongGirls-258 LongGirls-259 LongGirls-262

LongGirls-266 LongGirls-267 LongGirls-272


LongGirls-288 LongGirls-295 LongGirls-302 LongGirls-307 LongGirls-310

LongGirls-325 LongGirls-327 LongGirls-329 LongGirls-339 LongGirls-333 LongGirls-341 LongGirls-351

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